The Trinity Spotlight - the effective way to reach the local residents of Trinity.

   The Trinity Spotlight is an independent, local community and business magazine which is distributed free to 5000 homes in and around the Trinity area of Edinburgh every 6 weeks. The magazine contains interesting articles, community information, puzzles and a range of businesses advertising products and services which people need to run their everyday home and family life.    

  The Spotlight has been running now for over 17 years and in that time it has become a well established and essential reference for local residents when they are looking for your particular service. Many of the advertisers have been with the magazine for a considerable time and they advertise their business in every issue – because they know it brings then new customers.

  The magazine has been designed with staying power in mind. Its handy A5 size and useful content means that it is not thrown away like a newspaper but kept by households as an essential reference until the next issue arrives through their door. The varied content also means that residents open the magazine to read it and when they are reading they are seeing your advert.

     So if the Trinity area is a potential market for your business then the Trinity Spotlight provides an ideal way for you to promote yourself, reach your potential customers and make your business as effective as possible – all at a very affordable cost.